I’m Richard – Author, Speaker, Coach & SEO Strategist

SEO for Small Business, Artists, Sole Traders and NFP Organizations

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services for business owners are plentiful, but once you apply and tell them you’re a “small business” or God forbid, a sole trader, artist, author, or not-for-profit organization and that you don’t really have the $2K per month that they’re asking for, suddenly the conversation goes very quiet and you know that the digital agency you are speaking with is already thinking about what’s for lunch today…sound familiar? 

Well, it should, why do I know this? I have worked for and dealt with so many agencies now that I simply wouldn’t use one, well, not unless I had $2000-$5000 per month to invest. Don’t get me wrong, the money is well spent, IF the agency includes all the trappings and gravy of what a good digital agency should provide. I’ll go more into that on a blog later but right now, this is an ‘About’ page and that is really important for both me and you and I’ll tell you why.

After 15 years of performing web stats research for the Federal Government here in Australia, assisting music artists to promote themselves by creating my own Record Label, assisting small businesses, authors and artists I ran into a project an amazing person had launched over a decade ago called Ripple Kindness Project. It is an entire website with literally hundreds of pages and blog posts as well as a 7 part curriculum on teaching adults to teach children how to be kind to one another. I volunteered my services to the owner, Lisa Currie, and had what could only be called an epiphany moment. Talking to Lisa and walking her through SEO steps as I had so many clients in the past, I heard the passion in her voice for her project, and I was hooked – why can’t I simply guide more people in how to do SEO for themselves.

Of course, I do offer my services and that of a few very trusted freelancers for a fixed price which includes everything, however, unlike most digital agencies, we don’t carry the overheads of hiring staff, office space, insurances etc, and unlike a lot of digital agencies, we will get on board with you, explain what we’re doing, how we envision achieving it and take you along for the journey. Why? Good SEO starts with the client actually understanding best practise so that in the future, they will be able to achieve what is needed in ‘Google’s’ eyes so to speak. For example, we will show you keywords and phrases that your website is already ranking for and provide you a ‘keyword basket’ so as to give you content strong points for future blog posts, pages, even advertising campaigns.

Digiatl agencies are simply looking for that big profit each month, they subscribe to an SEO self help project managing platform like AHREFS or Semrush, follow the 1,2,3s and presto – send you a few reports and a large bill. But what if here at The SEO Business we can show you how to do exactly what they do for free? Keeping up with the latest requirements of the search engines and unlike the digital washing machine who simply want big profits each month, we wants small business owners to thrive.  We slide in and around the big companies and offer better results at lower pricing. 

So, as a small business owner, let’s boost your online presence, build your brand, increase your knowledge and understanding of good SEO practice (White Hat) with a combination of SEO, GMB, SEM, CPC, and more. Plus, if need be, we are here to help.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”